New Music: Crazy (For Your Love)

Here’s a demo in progress of one of the tracks I’m working on my upcoming album Opposite of Love. It’s called Crazy (For Your Love). Like all the songs on this album, it’s another one of my older songs that I’ve been playing for a while that I want to get recorded and done.


This one goes back to about 2002.

Total time on the track this far has been about 25-30 hours recording, editing and mixing. So far there’s 2 acoustic guitars, 2 main vocals + one background vox, 2 electrics + 1 solo track.

I would do anything for you.
All you have to do is ask.
Why are we playing these games again?
I thought we’d left them in the past.
I need to know if there’s something on your mind.
I need to know if you want me to go or if you need more time.
I don’t know if you want me around.
I’m trying to listen, but you don’t talk now.

But I’m crazy for your love.
And I’m guilty of not showing you enough.
And I need your body like a drug.
And I’ll be right here waiting.

And you say there’s someone new.
He won’t last they never do.
And now this time I’ve got someone too,
but everyday I think of you.

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