Building steam

I continue to focus my activities on cryptoassets and trading.

I’ve had some mild anxiety over some of the sells I made, BAT especially. It’s not that I feel that strongly in it as a long term play, but I just had a tinge of a feeling like I’m going to regret that one. I’ll just keep watching and see if an entry comes up on the TD Sequential.

I’ve been starting at this indicator across my watchlist for the last few days, both with crypto and equities, trying to see if there are any rules I can glean out of it. It looks like it’s going to be impossible to call the tops with these signals, but they do seem like they make nice support and resistance lines. I’ve seen many, many times where the price has bounced of a previous top or bottom. I’ll either have to prepare my orders for prices that are approaching a potential signal, or revisiting a previous one. It’s also import to remember that it’s better not to get focused on catching the tops and bottoms so much as it is about getting the trend right.

I’ve only made a couple of sells lately, and am still watching for potential buying opportunities. I haven’t seen anything especially interesting yet. Most coins are well above their moving average, so I’m paying special attention to those coins that are still trending below it and haven’t joined the alt-party yet.

Before I jump into any position though, I’m going to take my time and plan out my trades. I’ve got to revisit my old trade planning tools that I scrounged together in Google Sheets and Python previously. Since I’ve learned how to pull data from exchange APIs, I should be able to hack a program together that will track the prices in real-time and set my entry and exits automatically.

But first, I’ve got to finish work on my BEAM converter. I’ve got most of the functions I need to check prices, compute my mining costs, and send a transaction to the exchange, so I’ll need to finish writing up the order functions, as well as another to send funds to my hard wallet (if that’s what I want to do). I’m hoping to have that done by this weekend.

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