Week end report.

Today was a quiet day.

There wasn’t a lot of activity today. The markets were relatively flat, and I didn’t do much besides my day job. Most interesting part of that was doing some more work on setting up the environment for the Texas Instruments DSP compiler, which is part of my CI/CD pipeline project. I’ve still got a lot of work to do there, but professionally speaking, I’m not certain how much effort I want to spend on that given developments in fintech.

I finished recovering my Monero wallets and moved my funds to a light wallet, then it was on to repeating the process with Haven, which has been mooning the past few days. Unfortunately, the precompiled Linux executable won’t run on Ubuntu 18 because of GNU Library incompatibilities, and the Docker build failed also. I’m not sure how much time I want to devote to getting that together right now, given that I have to KYC with Bittrex to trade any of it.

My mining tracker needs some serious rework, since half of the pricing APIs are broken so I have to manually update everything. I should work on it tonight but I’d rather play video games. Priorities. Seriously though I may have to work on something tonight. I’ve got lots of work I want to do with the CCXT library and trade plans, so I might as well just bite the bullet and get started with it.

No trades or other on-chain activity. I’m leaning wrapping some BTC and sending it into the Yearn vault, but I’ll probably give it a few more days first while I work on other things.