Another step toward financial freedom

Well, I did it. I sold my car. I’ve knocked three years of payments, almost seven grand at three percent interest, off of my debt board. It’s progress. Next step, seventy grand of student loan debt.

Of course the big news today was Trump’s positive COVID test result. I was a bit hung over this morning and sat down first thing at my desk and pulled up one of my news feeds and saw the headline. I jumped out of my seat and ran upstairs to tell Missus. I spent most of the day on Twitter reading headlines. Simply amazing.

One of my new positions, $EQOS, got stopped out. Good thing it did too. I just opened this yesterday, and only deployed about a tenth of what my risk management calculation limit was. Good thing. So I only lost one tenth of two percent, not two percent.

Strangely enough, my other position Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap fund, $GDLC, was up 25%, in spite of its underlying assets, mainly BTC and ETH, were down. Go figure. It may be time tighten my stop on this position, at least to baseline. I’ll don’t have a hard and fast rule about this.

My BlockFi withdrawal has cleared to my BTC wallet, so it’s time to check the exchange and see what to pick up. There’s so much blood out there right now. PolkaDot looks like it’s at a good level, and given my interest in it, it may be a good time to pick up some tokens and work on building a stake.

It’s almost bedtime for the girls, and Friday night, so I’m going to take off here and get them wound down, then I may spend some time relaxing tonight. Not that I didn’t overindulge last night. Tomorrow I have to get up at a decent hour and work on my deck. I’m hoping I can get the lower patio done and have the hottub ready to put back in place.

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