A day off

The last couple days have been pretty hectic, I don’t even know where to start. Yesterday we let the girls throw a Valentine’s Day party for their friends, and I worked on Ethereum contract stuff. I’ve actually got a separate post for that stuff that I’ll publish when I’m done. The girls pretty much ate themselves sick. Missus laid out some presents for them, including face masks with their names on them, as well as a box of chocolate that they ate for breakfast. I’m pretty sure they’re diabetic now.

I’ve been getting some video game time in. I finished OxenFree a few days ago. It was nice, and except for a bit of dialogue about “magic brownies”, I think it’s something that Elder can play and enjoy. I also picked up The Outer Wilds and For the King on Saturday night, and stayed up late playing those. Wilds is fascinating, a puzzle game based on a time loop. You’re basically exploring a small solar system, trying to progress in the roughly twenty minutes or so from the beginning of the game until the system’s star goes supernova. It’s got a great story and the environments are very well crafted. I can’t wait to go back it. For the King is a rouge-like turn based game, sort of like the exploration and battle portions of Civilization crossed with the battle mechanics of Final Fantasy. Not quite what I was expecting, but it seems that the game might take a long time to play, and I can’t imagine playing it coop online.

I did spend an inordinate amount of time on Saturday doing taxes. I gave up trying to track my cryptocurrency holdings on CoinTracking. It’s not smart enough to know when I’m withdrawing from one exchange to one of my wallets and back again. It’s a mess. So after a bit of research I found CoinTracker.io. It’s backed by Coinbase and it’s pretty slick. It does the matching, and is much better with cost basis. CoinTracking was showing me a seven thousand dollar capital gain for 2020, whereas CoinTracker has it more accurately, only a couple hundred bucks. Tracker can monitor my exchanges via API, my on chain Ethereum balances, and I even uploaded my BTC wallet xpubs so I could track transfers between my wallets and BlockFi accounts. It’s real slick. They’ve still got some work to do with tracking DeFi deposits and staking rewards, but it’s clear what I’ll be using to do my taxes this year and next.

Progress on the SDIRA continues. It’s taking a lot longer to move my funds from TDAmeritrade, and it actually took about an hour on the phone to get through to them and clear up a transfer. I’ve got my bank account opened, with the first funds there now, and I have a couple of corporate account applications out for Kraken and Gemini. Kraken responded yesterday for some additional KYC docs, so they may win my business. It sucks though, since they don’t do ACH transfers, which means that I’ll have to do wires for everything. We’ll see. I’ll have a full write up on that after I have the first coins in my wallet.

Yesterday I had the idea to create a broad-based TokenSet based on NFT platform tokens. I actually had some interest on Twitter, and I spent most of the day working testing the Set creation process on Kovan. I’ve been documenting the steps and will have a full post soon. I did actually logon to Decentraland for a bit yesterday and take a look around. There weren’t a lot of people there, but the environment was pretty interesting. I’m going to create an account for Elder and let her check it out, and see if she has any interest in building out some scenes. I figure there’s a way for her to start making her own money building stuff, and maybe the Decentraland builder will be easier for her to figure out than Roblox or Blender.

Today I took the day off, and promised the kids lots of special time. It’s been raining for days, so we won’t be spending any time outside today cause the ground is heavily saturated. We’ve been stuck inside for days, and all of us have been off in our own little worlds, staring at our own screens. Elder and Younger have been feeling neglected as I’ve been spending almost all my time on the computer or doing house chores. I’ve got to remember to carve out these little periods of time for them, even if all they want to do during our special time is wrestle and beat me up.

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