Fifty-two thousand

Today was a exciting, I felt full of energy. We got the Homebrew.Finance NFT TokenSet launched yesterday, and spent a good deal of time trying to get the word out about that. So far it doesn’t appear that there’s been any interest in it from anyone other than myself, but we’ve got another day before we start deploying funds to it.

The markets were up again today, especially my cryptoequities. The mining plays were up about 20-40%, so just over nine percent overall. I’m going to be more aggressive about scaling out of Grayscale, since they mirror the BTC price, and the rest of my holdings are outperforming. It’s crazy. My options plays aren’t really working out for me, cause the stocks keep outperforming my calls and I have to keep rolling them up. I’m going to have to figure out a different way to play this game.

I didn’t get a lot done at work today, all said. Did some grocery shopping and the neighbors came over early in the afternoon. It was so cold outside we tried to start a fire. I wound up chopping down a dead tree in no-mans land and tried to cut it up with an axe to burn, but didn’t quite get through the thickest part of the trunk. Good exercise though.

I feel like I should have more to talk about, but the day was a bit of a blur. Markets were bullish as hell and I spent most of the day watching price action. Not the best use of my time, I’ll admit. My crypto portfolio has been pretty flat. So much of it is locked up in Badger pools, I need to start pulling funds out of the pools. Hopefully BTC will run enough that my IL will come back down and I can come out even. I’d even be glad for Badger to come down a bit more if it meant that I’d wind up holding more. I’m sure it’s got more to go.

Things are looking really good right now. Bitcoin is at all time highs. $100k feels inevitable. I just need not trade myself out of position. This year is going to be incredible.

One more round of emails with Kraken today and we should have our business account set up. Finally. Hopefully this CSR doesn’t give me more crap about the paperwork.

In all, a great day. Life is good.

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