Space Corp, continued

Today is already halfway over and I’m just now sitting down to write. Things are a blur. I’ve been focused primarily on engineering the dao and NFT token purchasing process for the Space Atlas launch. It’s been somewhat exhausting trying to get people on-board with the idea, like herding cats, as they say. I’ve spent most of this morning dealing with a Quickbooks upgrade for a client and trying to get my kids to stop arguing and actually get their chores done. I feel like the day is slipping away from me.

I’m hoping that I can finish a general proposal by tonight, which would give us about 24 hours before the first NFT goes on sale. I think the broad outline is there, I’ve just got a lot of details to put together, including

I had to liquidate a bunch of stocks in my IRA to get ready for this next transfer to my checkbook IRA. It’s a bit painful as my portfolio is down 25% percent since last week. Still, I sold off a half dozen positions, basically all my smaller positions and anything that wasn’t crypto related. I’ll have to deal with that later, but hopefully I can move things fast enough to get in on this BTC dip.

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