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Today has been a bit of a mess. I just finished putting the first application of putty over the hole I made in the bathroom wall months ago when I got mad at Elder. The girls are down the street at a birthday party, and I’ve been messing around with Solana trying to get the week’s Star Atlas poster on Serum and losing my mind.

Solana transactions are nothing like Ethereum’s EVM transactions. I’m at the point now where I can follow the transfers of tokens going in, out and every which way, but Solana is just a completely foreign beast. Seriously, what in the hell is this?

I must have tried five transactions on the Serum DEX before I figured out that I needed to pay for the posters at a higher price as there was an exchange fee in the transaction that wasn’t displayed on the site. Oh well.

I just sold another week one poster on OpenSea, bringing my total to five sold. I’ve managed to sell all of them for at least double the starting price, but I’m going to run out of capital in a week if I can’t move more of them. I’ve already got fifteen of week two, which ends sales any minute, and Ill be able to afford nine of next week’s posters with the starting capital and proceeds that I’ve got now. My business plan is below.

I’ve figured out that I can list on OpenSea without any gas, and allow others to scoop them up from me, covering the cost. Changing the price or cancelling is going to cost me, and then there’s the whole situation with moving them over to Solana when I’m done. I figured that the posters would be works of art in their own right, and non-gamers would be willing to pick them up on Ethereum at a premium, and it’s mostly been borne out. There is a pretty big price discrepancy between the networks, as gas is a huge consideration. So to that end, I bought five of this week’s poster on Solana. I’m not sure how I’m going to split things moving forward, so we’ll just have to see how the price moves.

I got my Ledger wallet yesterday, and moved my IRA funds to it. God, I hate it. Compared to the Trezor or Lattice it is obviously inferior device. Inputting the pin is a pain, and I couldn’t even get it to work on my Ubuntu workstation yesterday. It may have been operator error, but the Trezor’s ability to enter the pin via the keyboard’s number pad is so much better.

I actually started looking at what it would take to bring Solana support to the Lattice. They’re going to be opening up the device’s SDK a bit, so I may try to dig in with that. I signed up for the Solana hackathon, thinking that it might make a good project, but the hackathon starts in a week and ends on June 7th. I had thought it started on June 7, and the device won’t be ready for me. As alternatives, I considered joining up with someone to try to port the MolochDao or Gnosis Vault contracts, but then I saw this Tweet.

So, yea, I know what I’ll be working on during the hackathon! Now to come up with some arcade game ideas.

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