So it is ten-thirty in the evening, and I wanted to keep my streak alive, so a quick update: the B21 afterparty was a bit of a letdown. I really shouldn’t complain, but it just made me feel old and a bit out of place. It was a bit of a spectacle, and it turned into a bit of a mess when a downpour started up halfway through the night. People kept dancing outside in the rain, but I wound up holed up in one of the main rooms. Met Dan Held and Ellie Frost.

I think I felt a lot of guilt on the trip and was blowing a bunch of money. Five hundred for the event ticket, plus two fifty for the afterparty. On top of that drinks were ten dollars a pop. Lyft rides everywhere, hundred dollar dinners. I don’t know if it was worth it. I saved money on the plane tickets because I used rewards points, but I’m still going to get the bill for the Hyatt.

Most of the people down there were networking and doing deals, I just wanted to party. But partying when you’re forty when your wife is back in the hotel room just doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense. Missus and I did have our fun to ourselves though, so there’s that. I think it was good to get away, but I don’t think the conference was the best way to do that. It’s definitely not something I want to do again anytime soon.

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