Diary of a househusband

I fell off the habit wagon last night. I think the trigger was Missus cracking open a can of beer. She wanted to take the edge off, but I wound up sanding the edge down to nothing, and stayed up till near midnight playing Baldur’s Gate. She went to bed with Younger and I puttered about on my computer, cleaning up hard drive space by removing old folders and games I hadn’t played in forever. Wanted to kill some time so I picked up BG from where I left off and kept cracking tabs on those beers. Woke up with my usually neck pain, plus some aches from running yesterday.

The girls are upstairs, being unusually quiet. Younger broke a shelf in her room while she was climbing it, trying to stand on top her wardrobe. Elder has been playing with a pirate-themed BirchBox that we got some time ago. Yesterday we played a Battleship-style treasure hunt game, and this morning I woke up to find her drawing a treasure map so she could bury something in the backyard. The two of them have been upstairs for sometime, and I was imagining the kind of mess I’ll find when I go up there later. I’ll perhaps have to condemn someone’s room.

Work on Solana progresses slowly. I figured out why I was having problems with my hardware wallet and the mutisig, but now I’ve got an error trying to perform a transfer with the rest of the group. I also managed to get the Serum swap program to test properly after an NPM update, I was looking through the test to figure out what’s going on. I’ll have to build a program that can accept funds from the multisig and perform a swap before transfering the swapped token back to the multisig. I’ll also have to account for all kinds of failure states. But I get ahead of myself. I’m going to have to figure out the multisig issues, which means abstracting more of the variables out. Hopefully I can get this stuff resolved soon.

Other than that, I’m not getting as much work done as I had hoped. The markets are ranging, so I’m not doing much. I have managed to keep the time on Twitter down, and have managed to keep progressing on the Exercism Rust track. I looked at some of the the hard ones and they seem very challenging. I’m not sure they’ll be pertinent to programming on Solana, which is also going to require a fair amount of Javascript to build tests. I’m not sure it’s worth doing the JS track since all I really need is async functions.

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