Morning meta

The main reason that I write here is as a journal. Back in the day I was reading a lot of Boing Boing and Metafilter, and I suppose I still had visions of turning daHIFI into something big. Now I’m content to leave it here as a record for myself. Most people would just journal in a book, but this is working for me now. It’s been over two years since I really started writing as a discipline, so now I’ve got a good two years worth of posts to go back through and look at to see what I was doing and what was important to me at the time.

Still, writing in a public blog such as this, I tend to hold many things back. This isn’t quite my private diary. People do know me and read this, so there are things that I keep from you, dear reader. Sorry. I don’t worry about it too much. Most visitors are coming here because they found some obscure article I wrote about a technical problem that I wrote once. I sure don’t have any illusions about monetizing this through advertising, that’s for sure.

It’s more important to me that I exercise this writing muscle. I do have things that I want to say from time to time, not writing cause I have to, as I am now, and keeping the writing muscle in shape is important to me. I know I have a book in me, just as soon as I figure out what the hell it’s about. Till then, I’ll just sit down and write about whatever comes to mind. Morning pages. Evening pages.

I should be running right now, but we seem to have a tropical storm sitting on top of us. It’s been coming down pretty hard this morning, making me acutely aware of the places where this house’s gutters are failing. There should be a break around 1PM today, so I’ve already pencilled in a run there. No rest for me today.

Yesterday Missus and I went to church, together probably for the first time ever, to see the kids’ presentation for the finale of vacation bible school. The performances were as one might expect for the situation, nothing spectacular, but it was the first time that we’ve seen the kids do something collective since COVID lockdown cancelled school and we pulled them out of daycare and Girl Scouts. The preaching was cringe, a special guest, an older man, did magic tricks interspersed with what I found to be awkward appeals. If you died today, would you go to Heaven? The kids ate it up though with laughter and oohs and aahs, but the whole thing reminded me of why I don’t go to church anymore. I already wrote about religion once this week, so I’m not going to get into it again. Still, Missus and I wrote a check as a tithe for the babysitting which is apparently going to go to missionary activities in Africa somewhere. It wasn’t all bad.

Elder had her first day with Galileo yesterday. We had a bit of a long meeting with her facilitator early in the morning, hashing out her schedule and clubs: arts and crafts, reading, Spanish, something called Changemakers, and something else to fill out the week. The facilitator had her setup goals, the first of which were TV and Roblox, but hopefully we’ll see if anything else comes of it. I paid for two months, and despite being wholly enthusiastic about it while school was in session, she’s been very difficult about it in the days leading up to it. We shall see.

Well, it’s after 8AM and I don’t hear Missus up, and there’s a break in the rain. So let me get the day started.