Home again

Well I paid the price for the fun last night. Today was a bit of a mess, I think I was dehydrated this morning and drank way too much coffee, which caused me to feel like ass for most of the day. We watched The Tomorrow War — verdict, not great — while Missus slept in past 11AM. We went out of for ice cream before we hit the road and managed to make it home without stopping. I can’t remember the last time I did that.

I managed to do some cooking and the fam spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on screens. It’s 10PM and Younger is just going down for bed, and me along with her as I’m pretty well exhausted. My back is better but my knees are a wreck. I think it’s from wearing my Vibrams while trekking up and down the mountain from the beer tent to the kids area. I’ll need to give them a few days before I do any running.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to head back over to the SIL’s house for a Fifth of July pool party and cookout, but Missus and I are so tired right now that we’re not even looking forward to it.

Not sure how I’m going to sleep with the neighbors firing off fireworks, but I think I’ll probably fall right asleep. Paying the price, I suppose.