Is it only Monday?

I guess I was really tired, because I went to bed at nine thirty yesterday. I slept great and has some vivid dreams.

I got up pretty early a bit before seven, and put in a great run. My body is acclimating nicely and I’m pushing myself harder for the final sprint, trying to see how far I can go. I was running flat out past the house and had a flash that I could run like this forever. I meditated after I cooled down, with the sweat just dripping out. Very satisfying.

I managed to keep everyone on schedule pretty well. I got two work blocks in. About two hours on the Codecademy React tutorials (almost done), and later in the afternoon a shorter period doing Rust Exercisms. I finished one I’d been working on last week and another that I knocked out as well. I’m not getting them quite as idiomatic as can be, but I am getting better. Progress continues.

Elder had an interesting idea, she wrote down a bunch of activities on slips of paper and put them in a cup. They were to give them things to do when her and her sister got bored. So we had a bit of fun with it. We had a dance party, she played piano, they did some crafts, read books, and watched TV and played video games — of course. Both the girls did their work, Elder had her arts and crafts club on Galileo, and I managed to get Younger to do her dad school stuff by bribing her with episodes off her Peppa Pig DVD that Missus picked up from the library.

One of the slips in Elder’s cup was ‘choose a new recipe’, and since I had a large pork loin roast to cook today, I went ahead and pulled out a book that I hadn’t used in a while and spent three hours making a orange juice and mustard marinade and sauce. It was a lot of work and used way to many dishes, but it came out fairly decent. Not as great as I had hoped, but there are plenty of leftovers.

Missus came home exhausted from work, so I just wrapped up some special time with the girls, part of my effort to get them to bed on time by exposing them to the sunset light in the evenings. We rode out bikes down to the pier to try and scope the sunset, but it was obscured. Hopefully it will help them get the last of the energy out and get them in the mood to wind down.

I know I’m exhausted.