Feeling up

Well I guess my major accomplishment for today was that I finished the damn bowling Exercism on the Rust track. It only took me a week. Even after cleaning it up I wound up with this 100-line monstrosity. Then of course I take a look at the top answer and see how someone did it in two elegant functions. Never ceases to make me feel like an idiot.

Seriously though, today went pretty well. The interview with the recruiter wasn’t as fabulous as I had imagined, but might lead to something. I also reconnected with someone I met through Star Atlas and got hooked up with a US-based mining pool that was getting $7m in venture funding and needs Rust developers. Might be something.

The rest of the day was mostly positive. Woke up at a decent hour, BTC was mooning. Got in a workout and didn’t have to yell at the kids too much today. At all really. Younger is actually putting herself to bed right now, I believe. I had forgotten how much we used to rely on podcasts to help Elder wind down at night. I should have figured.

Didn’t get any house projects done today, weather put a damper in my deck-staining plans. Watched a bit too much TV, but did I mention The Great Courses? OMG I am going to spend way too much time watching those. I started watching the first of a 24-part series on the world’s best solo piano pieces. I even caught Elder watching it while we played dominos after dinner. She can’t help herself. They really do seem like they have some quality stuff on there. It’s just another reason why I think the general college degree is dead.

Talked to my mom a bit earlier. Missed her husband’s birthday on Friday, so needed to catch up. I did most of the talking, as usual, but was mainly about the girls, what’s going on with their summer, our camping trip. Wound up going too much into our reFIREment plans, I always sound crazy when I talk to them about trying to get Missus to quit her government job. Working another fifteen years just for health insurance seems insane though. I still think Bitcoin is a better retirement plan than a government pension.

Talked to my dad today as well. We’re trying to plan a trip home to the midwest soon to visit the rest of the clan, but he wants to stay there for two months, and we’d have no way to get back. Rental car isn’t an option, plane is too expensive, and bus is out of the question. Will have to explore other options.

I’m going to turn in, read a bit, get some rest and up and at em first thing in the morning. Going for a jog, then want to work on finishing the React Codecademy that I’m working on. Then I need to tackle web3 properly. Last I tried I was having issues connecting wallets and getting addresses. I want to get working on a proper Perpetual dashboard, and if I’m feeling really ambitious I may go back and restart work on the Evil Ether Auction. That’ll be nice.