Solana, Beached

Wow, what a day.

So I’m out of spreadsheet hell and got the dao update posted today. It was a lot of work but I think I can live with the results.

Solana was down all day. It came back up an hour ago but prevented me from working on the dex.

Had a couple calls today. One NFT OG that’s going in deep in SAIA dao, another with a really big geek that I’m just in awe of. This space is fantastic. We might be close to securing a Commander ship, and the structure that we put in place might allow us to go for a Titan. Oh, I wish.

I also managed to get some yard work done. Dug out the edging on the flowerbed and cut the grass. Not too bad for someone that got woken up by the girls at five AM.

Watched Ragnarok season 1 finale and started Y: The Last Man last night. Probably going to hit another episode and go to bed.

Tomorrow I hope to focus on the dex. If I can get that running it should print money.

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