Burning daylight

I went for a three mile run this morning. Missus and I went to bed at 10PM last night like a bunch of old farts. I was too worn out to do anything productive last night, so I watched an episode of Foundation and Y The Last Man and then read some more of the third Foundation book on my iPad while Missus dozed off.

I have to say I’m not impressed with the show. I mean, it’s well produced, but as an adaptation to the novels, I think it misses the mark. And Y, I didn’t read many of the comics, so I don’t have much to go on, but the whole production feels like The Walking Dead, and I’m just waiting for some sort of cringe moment that so far hasn’t come. And it’s funny, as I’ve been watching Squid Games that I’ve been less bothered by the body count in that show. I don’t know.

Yesterday I let myself get roped into an Ethereum development project for someone that I met via Twitter. It’s just a “simple” NFT staking contract and front end, but I should have said no. It’s probably something that I’m capable of doing, but it’s going to distract me from getting stuff done on Solana, and that’s not what I need right now. I have a call on Tuesday regarding a dev position, and this just seems like this was a mistake that I let myself get sucked into. Still, it’s not an insignificant sum of money for what should be a quick job, assuming that I can outsource the front end work to someone who knows what they’re doing better than I.

I want to get some coding done this morning. Younger woke up early and has been watching TV, but Missus and Elder are still in bed. I’m not sure how much time I have. It’s Saturday, so we need to clean the house, take care of any final Halloween prep, and deal with any other housework that needs doing. I may try to work in some landscaping work and dig up the stumps of three juniper bushes that I cut down last week. I also have a tree in the front yard that I plan on cutting down, but I’m probably going to wait until after Halloween to do that.

Star Atlas mentioned that they’re going to drop two new ships this week. I can’t imagine that one of them is going to be the C11, but still it reminds me that I need to finish prepping my update scripts for the DEX. The menu generator is working, but I still need to fix the tokens and mints for the DEX, as well as prepare some sort of update script for the backend.

Just got pulled off by a Discord DM. A founder who’s working on indexing Serum markets and data. Showed me the GraphQL API. There’s some good stuff there. So many opportunities in this space. It’s hard for me to focus right now. The Solana Ignition winners were released yesterday, and I spent some time looking over those. There’s a program called Bulldozer that is a UI built on top of Anchor, was playing around with it yesterday and talking to the developers. So much interesting stuff going on.

Here I am, it’s past nine now. I should get some work done.

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