Quick note

I am sitting in my MIL’s car in a parking garage outside a children’s hospital. She’s in a medical center next door for an appointment, and I am her chaperone. Missus is home today, she took two days off work, and the kids have an early release day due to tomorrow being a voting holiday.

I’m hoping I can get a bit of work done while I’m waiting on her. Today is Monday, which means a weekly update for SAIAdao is first on my agenda. I should be able to do that without much trouble, assuming this Alienware laptop battery holds up. I should be fine.

After that I want to turn my attention to my dynamic token mints module for the DEX. I need to talk to another developer about it since it’s a tricky situation with the React component that I’ve already written to fetch the JSON NFT feed. And in case I get blocked on that, then I’ll probably turn my attention to the tokenomics and emissions of the two SAIA tokens.

Tomorrow I also have another meeting with CompanyA, this time with the HR department to see if we can come to some sort of employment arrangement.