Post-election blues

Yesterday’s post was titled Today is the Day, and boy was I right. I just didn’t realize it how.

I’ll get to the call with CompanyA in a moment. I haven’t talked about politics on this blog in a while. In fact, I’ve been trying to actively avoid it since 2019, after I lost my second race. Granted, it’s probably fair to say it wasn’t until after Trump lost re-election that I stopped caring about it. I’ve basically given up on politics and have released any involvement with the local Democratic party. Still, last night’s election results have disturbed me.

I really can’t talk about it much without doxxing myself somewhat, but here goes anyways. Last night’s Republican sweep presages badly for Dems in 2022 and 2024. This state hasn’t elected an R to a statewide office in almost ten years, and yesterday they took all three seats in the executive branch, and it looks like they have claimed the house as well. The woman that I lost to in 2019’s primary, a “moderate” Dem, who outspent her opponent ten to one, also lost. We’re talking what was supposed to be a safe, lean D district.

It’s unbelievable.

I would hope that party leadership will see this as a wake-up call, but sadly I doubt anything will change. Moderates and progressives will be pointing fingers at each other for weeks and months to come, but it is apparent to me that the population of this country is moving in a different direction. And it does not bode well, either for the US or the planet as a whole.

I made a comment about Hari Seldon this morning, referring to the prescient psychohistorian of the Foundation series who foresaw the death of the galactic Empire and the thirty thousand years of dark ages that were to follow. Seldon’s Foundation was to prepare for this collapse, and provide the seed for an eventual second empire in only a thousand years of collapse.

I reiterate Balaji’s comment about how we are unable to reform the current systems from within, that the only solution is to build alternatives that will be so attractive that people will spontaneously flock to them. This is the way. I’m also of the opinion from one RealEstateGod, that our existing institutions are collapsing before our eyes, and have been driving the point home to Missus about her activity with Labor and her government job. It’s also amazing how well The Sovereign Individual and The Fourth Turning, both written over twenty years ago, are playing out in real time. Bitcoin fixes this? Daos will fix this?

Maybe, but I think we’re headed toward the dystopian worlds of Snow Crash or Ready Player One. If we’re lucky, that is.

Anyways, I do want to make brief note regarding CompanyA. The call went very well, the equity situation is what it is and will likely be resolved in the coming weeks or months. There is no conflict of interest with the dao at this point as there are no policies in place to define such a conflict. So I made my counter offer and am waiting to hear back from them before the end of the week. Hopefully I will be able to make a final decision next week.

Metaverse, here I come.