Morning notes

Work continues on the SAIAdao Solana migration. I’m writing some JavaScript scripts and tests in Anchor to make sure I have all the pieces I need before I start writing any program code. I’m still wrapping my head around the Solana programs, going back and forth over the Anchor test programs to see how things are done, figuring out how I’m going to store data for all of the member obligations.

If I can write a vanilla JS script that can simulate what I want to do, then I should have a good starting point for any programs. I mean, sure, I could put things in a cron job and have it run once a week, but it will be better to deploy as much of it as possible as a Solana program. I am trying to be a blockchain engineer, after all.

And speaking of which, I’m just playing the waiting game with CompanyA right now. I hope I hear something later today or tomorrow. Excuse me while I check my mail…. no, nothing.

Missus just took Elder to class, she’s working from home today, and I’ve got a routine eye doctor appointment to get my prescription updated an get my new annual pair of glasses. I’ll be picking Elder back up from school as she’s on the schedule as well. I keep buying her glasses — free ones through our VSP — but the kid hasn’t worn them in two years. Hrmm.

I played Dyson Sphere Program for several hours last night. It’s so addictive. These factory games scratch an itch with me, I’ll say that. I’m not sure if the planning skills translate to anything useful in the real world, but it’s a fun diversion.