A good day

Yesterday was as good a day as they come.

I woke up early, rather was woken up, and upped my morning meditation to forty five minutes, which I also did this morning. I’m making an active effort to focus my attention on the breath. This morning I started counting off by five, focusing a hexagon in my mind, or rather around different points on my body, which I counted off over and over again, with relatively little distraction. It was hard, but I think this morning’s session was pretty good.

I managed to get a workout in while the kids were at church. I was supposed to meet a friend for brunch, but when I didn’t get a response to my text, I decided to take Missus out instead. She had been talking about a fancy restaurant downtown, and had been throwing hints about us having a date on Veterans’ Day this Thursday, but this restaurant doesn’t open until 5PM, so I made a couple calls and got us a table.

It was cozy and had a lot of flair. There was a jazz duo playing near the front when we walked in, a bass player and a singer. I got a fight of mimosas, Missus a coffee martini. She ordered a salmon omelet, and I had steak frites, a six ounce tenderloin with two eggs and potatoes. It was delish. Our bill was one-thirty when we were done, but it was worth every penny. We got home, stopping for OJ and a six-pack, then went home and drank a bottle of prosecco before the kids got home. We enjoyed every minute.

One thing I noticed about the restaurant before we even walked in was that none of the wait staff were wearing masks. Only two patrons I saw were either. I guess this means the pandemic is over? I put my mask on when I went into the corner store, the sign still said REQUIRED, but I felt out of place as none of the staff or other customers were wearing them. Yet my daughter still had to put one on when she got on the bus this morning.

I did manage to stay away from doing any programming this weekend. I assume I’ll have enough of it this week. Still nothing from CompanyA, yet, by the way. I’ll just keep grinding. I’ve got to write this week’s update for SAIAdao, then continue working on the Solana migration plan.

ETH is in price discovery, and BTC is nearing ATHs again. My Perp positions are about to break six figures, and we’ve still got a ways to go to hit my price target. It’s like a video game score at this point. I did close out my Curve USDP position. It was the smallest of my three or four remaining stable coin funds, and with gas this high I wanted to close it out while I could still afford it. As it was it cost me over $600 in gas to pull out $3000. The CRV rewards were worth about that much, so I guess it evens out. Still… That should cover bills for the next month or two, then I have two more funds that I can pull from.

Hopefully by then I’ll have a fat new job and won’t have to worry about that. Or closing out my perpetuals.

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