Sixty-eight thousand

I am in a world of hurt. I must have pulled several muscles in my lower back this weekend. I did do a lot: ran three miles, cut the grass, worked out, dug up a bush. I didn’t really do much yesterday but I just started getting a very serious ache late in the day. This morning I was woken up at 1AM by Younger, and I was in so much pain I could barely turn on my side to get comfortable. I took two ibuprofen and still wound up tossing and turning until five, when I decided to go downstairs. I brewed my tea and took a frozen gel pack and stuck it under my back. I set a meditation timer for forty-five minutes and must have dozed off numerous times, but my back was better. I fell asleep for another bit before Missus woke me up to take Younger to the bus. And here I am.

I’ve got to take my MIL to the doctor’s again this morning. I didn’t realize when she asked me that it was during the same time as the Star Atlas ship drops. It’s fine, I’ve got the dao’s C9 order in. But someone in the dao pointed out that Atlas Co. added additional ATLAS markets to the existing ships, so I know what I’ll be doing today. I didn’t quite get the automated token updates working, but given how big the NFT feed is that might now be a bad thing. Especially with all of the changes they’ve been making. I’ve got to do the update manually this time.

So I know what my priority will be this morning.

The markets are looking good and I am extremely bullish. Bitcoin confirmed a monthly ATH, a weekly one, and a daily one last night before shooting up to sixty-six last night and sixty-seven early this morning. We are in price discovery mode. As is ETH. I think it’s remarkable that it’s not being attended to with the same level of fanfare as it normally does.

My Perps are well over $100k in profit right now, the ones under my IRA are up another $50, and my crypto-equities are up as well. MARA is a 3700% gain for me, right below Voyager at 3400%. Amazing.

Now let me see if I can move my butt off this couch and make it over to my desk. I feel like an old man.