Back in the game

Well, I heard back from CompanyA yesterday, and it looks like I’ll be going back to work as a blockchain developer here in the next couple weeks. They took my counter-offer, but I’m mum on the details until the paperwork is signed. I am not blowing this one.

Still, I told everyone I know. It’s life-changing and a dream job on top of that. Life is going to change, for sure. I’m going to fight the lifestyle inflation as hard as I can, but I can already feel my brain working against me, thinking about new cars, hiring help around the house, taking trips and vacations; stacking sats. I just have to have patience for now and wait.

Someone reported the DEX as a phishing site. I got reports yesterday that people were having the site blocked by their AV. I was busy yesterday morning blowing up our Redis database so I didn’t get around to it till after lunch, when I was taking Missus’s mom to the doctor’s office. I opened a couple tickets to try and get it un-flagged, but I’m just waiting. And I also had an email from AWS as well, so there’s that.

I’ve got a lot to do this morning. I really need to focus on deploying liquidity for SAIAdao, I’ve got maybe a week or two to get things together before the new job starts and starts requiring my attention.

Life is good.