Good morning

My meditation practice continues. I’m tending to find a rhythm near the end of the sessions that is completely focused on the breath. I find myself humming om in my head through the breath, and it seems to help me focus. I’ve been trying various counting strategies, always starting with the inhale, sometimes to five, sometimes to ten, but eventually I have to stop the counting altogether. This is a bit different than the time I did the sixty-minute sessions two years ago, there was no effort made there, just to sit, whereas for these I’m actively engaging to focus my attention and my awareness.

This first week has been pretty good, today was a pretty good session. I did have some distractions and mind-wandering during the middle of the session, but I didn’t have any of the severe pain in my legs and back that I did yesterday. According to The Mind Illuminated I’m still in stages one and two, one, for establishing a practice, and two for being able to focus for the entire session. It will be interesting to see if I can make it to the phase where mind-wandering is eliminated altogether. I wonder how long that will take…

I’m making progress with SAIAdao’s migration. Trying to come up with what one would call a workspace is a bit challenging. I’m trying to do all my work on localnet — although why I’m not just using testnet instead is a question that has been raised — and figuring out how to hold everything together is a bit of a challenge. The Anchor test command does a decent job, but it’s a bit different when running their localnet command. By default, it wipes the database each time it’s run, and while I can deploy programs at launch, I can’t preserve token mints. I basically have to start the localnet, then deploy the mints using a couple of CLI commands.

I also am having a minor squibble with the SAIA DEX. GenesysGo deprecated our endpoint. They had asked me to change it a week or two ago, but I wasn’t expecting the cutoff. Thankfully I was able to push a change to master without too much trouble.