Foul mood

This morning was tough. Younger has a slight cold, and is home from school again today. I don’t think she should be here, but there it is. I was very agitated this morning because of my dreams, and I did not look forward to the prospect of having to keep her home today. I had a really good day with her yesterday, and went out of my way to play card games with her (she beat me at Go Fish and Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman,) and took her on a half hour bike ride to her Momo’s house mid afternoon so she could get some exercise. I also did not get a lot done yesterday.

When GenesysGo “deprecated” the DEX RPC server, I had to scramble Saturday morning to get the site operational. I forgot to update the indexer. So yesterday morning I was trying to figure out why the site wasn’t displaying recent trades. I thought it might have been a database error so I was all stressing about getting access to the Redis instance. Turns out the recent trades only show the last 24 hours of data, and there hadn’t been any data since the RPC went offline Saturday. So I fixed that, but now we’re missing two days of information. Oh well.

That ruined my morning, and while I did manage to get the SAIAdao update written, I didn’t post it. I’m still waiting on CompanyA to get back to me, so I’ll just have to wait till next week to get it out. So that’s my first order of business this morning.

I also have a tech support request from the exchange that I need to deal with. I do not want to be handling these all the time. Not now, when we’re barely seeing any volume. Wait and see.

Also, the market is tanking. BTC is near sixty thou. I’m down 25k on my Perp positions, but funding is already over three hundred. That means a lot of people are shorting. It may be one of the strongest rates I’ve seen in a while. It’s trending toward $1200, which would be one of my best weeks in two or three months. I suppose that means that a turnaround is right around the corner. I’d like to buy the dip, but I have no cash. Which reminds me that I need to get my funds out of Yearn today. Gas is around 100 gwei, so hopefully it won’t cost me more than a grand to get out my funds.

I did meditate and do everything else I was supposed to do last night to make sure that I have a good day today. So let’s see if the rest of the day goes any better.