The Sickness Spreads

No, I’m not referring to yesterday’s foul mood, but the the non-cold then cold that Younger caught and gave to Missus. When she gets sick she gets sick, and is completely out of commission, which just means that there’s more for me to do with the kids. I took Elder in to school this morning, Younger is watching TV. I just finished my meditation and it’s almost nine.

I did some work on the spl-token-swap JS client yesterday. I found an inconsistency between the github version and the one on NPM that caused me some problems with my testing, so I filed an issue and posted up in their Discord that I wanted to help out with it. One of their developer relations guys invited me to some invite only Solana developer Discord, so I feel like I’m part of some super shadowy secret coder group now. I think this will only accelerate my learning and knowledge.

I pulled the last of my stablecoin funds, six months living expenses, out of Yearn yesterday. It’s sitting in my ETH wallet. I want to send it to BlockFi but it’s a new address, and I’m hesitant to send the whole tranche over without a test first. Gas is $60 to send right now so I decided to wait. The market seems to have stabilized, I think we’re at the bottom of the chop at sixty K. I’d be tempted to buy some here but I still don’t have an official job offer. I don’t know if this is a negotiation tactic or something, but it’s a longer delay than I’d like. On the other hand, I’m still getting messages on LinkedIn from recruiters, so I may as well play the game while I’m still a free agent.

I want to wrap this up so that I can get started working. It’s a beautiful fall day, mostly cloudy and a bit warm for November, but I can see the leaves turning outside my window.