Waiting to play

It’s funny that the titles of this week’s post have been dark: Exploited, A Foul Mood, The Sickness Spreads. It sounds like I’m having a pretty horrible week, or like the title of some trilogy of dark fantasy novels. But I’ve actually been having a pretty good week, considering. And today’s been pretty good so far.

I must be rested, because I went to bed a bit early last night and had trouble falling asleep. I woke up at four this morning, and tossed and turned before getting up around five-thirty. I went for a run. It’s unseasonably warm, and when I was cooling down I heard the Reveille play from across the water at the AFB. I got Younger up and to the bus without too much fuss, came back and took Elder in to school, and did my daily 45 minute meditation session.

I spent most of yesterday working on the spl-governance program. It’s mostly front-end work, of course, trying to get the UI running on my localnet. I got my first commit and PR in on the Blockworks repo, which is good. I’m gaining clout every day.

I don’t really want to write much today, because I want to get to it. I’m still waiting on CompanyA to give me the job offer. Apparently they’re drafting some special company policy that applies directly to me, so they’re working that out. Apparently I was a bit too aggressive with my ‘what ifs’ during the call with HR. It’s fine, I got a lot to do and have savings to rely on. I’m definitely not in a rush or anxious about it like I was last week.

I do want to start making some more cash soon though. The market is down quite a bit right now, and there’s a lot of things I want to buy. BTC, ETH, and SOL, obviously, but there are a lot of other projects that I want to put some moonbag stakes in. I want to put some real money in Star Atlas, and up my stake in Invictus. But first I need to start earning.