Shadow governance

I’m feeling very manic this morning, my head is full of ideas and I want to get them down so that I can start working on things the morning. I spent yesterday working on the spl-governance and governance-ui yesterday, and I am very close to being able to proceed with our realm generation for SAIAdao. However, I’ve been having more grandiose plans.

I’ve become aware that Star Atlas is not using the spl-governance module. Instead, they are proceeding with a third party, XXX, which has not yet launched on Solana. I’m not aware of the planned release date, but it seems like a perfect opportunity for us to deploy a new app to market, basically, a guild governance module that we can make available to Star Atlas guilds.

I envision some sort of meta-dao, similar to Kristian’s League of Nations model, with each guild having a vote that is controlled by their dao. There are several ways that we can do this, the spl-governance has council voting, which basically allows a small group to override the will of the lower voting token. So, we might have a metaguild of ten guilds, each of which has one vote within the council, and then distribute a greater number of smaller tokens that can be distributed to to the sub dao members. This way, the entire guild population could vote on an issue, then it’s up to the meta-council to decide if they want to vote along popular results, or override things.

Each guild would have their own dao, along with their own token, which could be used to vote on meta-council votes or internal matters, it’s up to them to determine how they want to operate or distribute their tokens, the number, &c. I expect we’ll have the functionality in the governance-ui to spawn new instances, the only requirement is that each realm has a community mint, their own spl-token to use for voting rights. This is really easy to set up, but I can provide instructions to do this, as well as make a four or five digit vanity mint for the token address. The details are coming together.

We can either us the existing governance program, or roll our own that the meta-guild can control upgrade authority on, and we’ll have our own UI that shows sub guilds. I’m almost ready to move on this, and when it does it will be fast. Token distribution to members remains problematic, but I’m sure many guilds are already deploying NFTs or other tokens to members, so I’ll leave the details on that to each one.

We could even use POLIS as a community mint for the meta-dao, and establish some type of shadow governance system for Star Atlas. For now we would simply stake the tokens in an AMM to generate yield, but once Autonoma and XXX actually launch on Solana, we can use meta-guild voting to determine where we stake the treasury.

Obviously this is all just off the cuff today and there are lots of details that need to be worked out, the short end of it is that if your guild does not have a token yet, you need to get one, because we are going to move fast on this once I have the last piece in place. I’ll likely have a devnet instance set up later today. If you’d like an invite, message me on Twitter @dahifi or on Discord, Blockchain Man#8744.