I am a fount of creativity lately.

My morning meditation was repeatedly interrupted by my brain trying to suss out the details of an ATLAS/POLIS arbitrage bot. I think I might actually know enough now to put something together. I need to build an MVP that pool the market data and log any potential opportunities. That should give me an idea as to whether it’s worth the additional effort. I’ll put that to the side for now.

Yesterday I spent most of my day working on the governance-ui. I discovered a bug, and made some progress in my localnet deployment. I also got the SAIA mint created along with a realm on devnet, but I can’t get the UI to pick it up yet. I will probably work on that some today if I actually get the time; I’ve got a busy day.

I’m letting the girls enjoy their morning while Missus sleeps in. We have cleaning day today, and are supposed to be raking leaves for the second weekend. The temperature has dropped, it actually feels like fall. I am hoping we will have friends over today for dinner, games, and maybe hot tub and a fire if it’s not too chilly.

I’ve settled into a bit of rhythm, I don’t know whether I can attribute it to this week’s full moon, or something else. I had a couple beers last night but still went to bed on time. I’m playing DSP still but picked up a copy of Melvore Idle last night to check it out for… um… research purposes.