Apparently I got white girl wasted last night an passed out at 10PM. According to my wife, I “had a good night”. We had our friends, the Gs over, for dinner and hot tub. Also a bottle of wine and six pack of IPA. So I woke up at seven this morning with only a slight headache and here I am.

Younger is off to church, Elder has a birthday party at the local trampoline park later today. I’ve got a couple hours to recuperate. It’s Sunday, so I’ll need to rotate my Perp positions — funding up almost a grand, best in months — and I should probably tend to the Orca farm for SAIAdao.

I started working on the Serum arb bot for the Star Atlas markets. I didn’t get too far. I did manage to get Serum-vial up and running, now I’ve got to build the business logic around it. I’m not sure how much I’ll work on that today.

The house is pretty clean, considering. I did leaves yesterday while Missus did the downstairs, there’s a load of dishes in the sink that I’ll need to take care of, as well as empty and half-empty beer cans. Otherwise it’s not too bad.

I’m probably going to dick around this morning and see where things go.

Got offered a dev job via Discord, an NFT lending protocol that’s just launching. Not as good as what CompanyA has offered, but if they keep delaying too long I might need to consider it.