Idiot proofing

I am slightly agitated this morning. Younger came to our bed last night and must have slapped me in the face in her sleep. I woke up at three in the morning and tossed and turned, trying to ignore her teeth grinding and Missus’s snoring before I went downstairs and slept on the couch. It was after four-thirty before I fell back asleep.

I’m not too tired, just a bit cranky. I’m making the kids clean their rooms. Elder’s is particularly cluttered, she’d been building crafts for her “baby” and has left a trail of cut paper and masking tape all over the house. The biggest challenge is keeping this place clean following her projects.

Yesterday we played the longest game of Uno ever. I’ve been teaching Younger by playing with all the cards face-up. It’s helped me coach her, plus she’s unable to keep the cards sorted in her hand, so it’s easier to just put them on the table. Our last couple games have been fine. Instead of keeping score, we just accumulate a pile of winner’s cards each time we win a hand, removing them from the game. Then we play for half an hour and add up the points at the end. Elder joined us after lunch, and we played for an hour. The final hand almost didn’t end. I think I had to shuffle the discard deck twice. Having everyone’s hands out on the table does allow one to drag things out quite a bit, when you have access to total information it changes the game quite a bit.

I spent most of my work day on the governance-ui. It’s been a tough slog, as I’ve been trying to suss out the constraints and assumptions of the system. I got a localnet branch working, but because I forgot to mint tokens I spent two hours trying to trace why no information was showing up in one of the components. The new UI is lacking some specific functionality that the original MVP does, figuring out what’s what is a slog. Regardless, I’m making progress in understanding what it does and what it can do, but I may be wasting time.

I forgot to do my weekly SAIAdao update yesterday morning, as excited as I was to get back to the governance tooling. I remembered half way through the morning but didn’t want to change gears. Part of me wondered whether anyone would notice. No one yet. So I’ll start on it this morning, then get a commit in on the governance-ui so that next time someone like me forgets to mint their tokens they don’t spend hours figuring out why the UI is broken.