Yesterday was rough. I don’t know if it was just me who was sleep deprived, but the general air around this house yesterday was one of war. I had a short temper, the girls threw fits and refused to follow directions and were generally ill-mannered. I was not on my best behavior.

I tried to get some work done yesterday, but I didn’t let the kids watch TV in the morning so while they played outside for a bit in the morning, they spent most of the time arguing and fighting with each other. I couldn’t concentrate. I managed to get the SAIAdao updated out, but it was short, terse, and about the lowest-effort I could put out. Anything else I tried to do in the AM was a waste.

I made sweet potatoes for lunch, but after that the day was a waste. I gave up and took a nap around one or two, then just decided to spend the rest of the day playing video games. I checked out. The girls still continued to test me, so I warned Missus via text that it had been a “very difficult” day. She brought me home a bottle of Scotch, but I felt that drinking was the very last thing I needed to do, given my state, so I managed to relax with some DSP until the kids went to bed. Then I finished her unfinished drink, had another finger, and went to bed on time, reading Perdito Street Station.

I woke rested and got out of bed when the alarm went off for Missus to go into work. I’ve done a better job today setting expectations for the kids, being firm. There will be no screens in this house until they pick up their rooms and the common areas and do the chores that I ask them to do. So far it seems to be working.

Another change today is that I decided I wasn’t going to work on any of my “work” projects. Part of my frustration yesterday was that I kept getting interrupted while I was trying to work, the kids wanted my attention. Well, today they got it. I’ve done my morning routine, meditation, a workout, and now my morning post, but after that, I have nothing that I need to do but spend time with them.

We’re going to clear out some junk, clean up the clutter and get this house back in order so that we can spend the afternoon relaxing in preparation of a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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