Chalk another night up to the too much belt. We did Thanksgiving dinner at the SIL’s house. We didn’t stay long, just ate and had a bottle of wine, couple glasses of apple pie moonshine, and got back to the house before it was too late. Missus wasn’t feeling well, so she went to read in bed, the girls watched TV, and I wound up playing video games to the wee hours of the morning.

I bought Cyberpunk finally, and gave that a run last night. This morning is the pain. I’m sticking to my practice, though, as weak as it is today. We’re going to the FIL’s later today, which means we have to do our cleaning day early and I am totally not feeling it. Maybe I’ll get some food in my belly and will feel better.

I wrote up a little arbitrage program for the Star Atlas markets. I have a basic system that will alert for possible arbs. It’s buggy, and there’s not a lot to arb, so I don’t know how much further I’ll go with it. Still, it’s the first TypeScript or node program that I’ve written. It’s not much, but it’s a start. No work today though, I’m just chilling through the rest of this week.

Bitcoin continues its slow dive. Fifty-four thousand today. My Perps are treading water, my PnL is down forty grand since two weeks ago. The entire market is a sea of red.

I don’t want to do shit today, but I’ll be in the driver’s seat later today, three hours with the kids. Hopefully I’ll take it easy tonight and we’ll so some hiking in the mountains tomorrow. I’m thinking about bringing my bike and doing a trail, solo style. We’ll see.