Break is over

Today is the last day of the Thanksgiving break. The girls have been home for nine days. I have not gotten much done during this time, so I am looking forward to being able to do some work tomorrow, I’m sure there’s a lot to be done.

We drove back from the FIL’s yesterday afternoon. We didn’t do much, we watched The Princess Bride and A Christmas Story, had prime rib for lunch and went out for ice cream. So we packed the kids in the car around five and hit the road. We had fast food for dinner and the girls fell asleep the last half hour before we got home.

I stayed up till four AM playing Cyberpunk, and didn’t wake up till eleven thirty. The kids had been getting out the Christmas decorations, but the house was too much of a mess for me to set the tree up. So I brought them to the park to play instead. It was very warm today, t-shirt and light jacket weather. Elder got a bow and arrow from her auntie as a late birthday present — a real deal bow and arrow too, like you would use for actual target practice. So we grabbed a pumpkin and found a field in the park where we could shoot.

It didn’t go too well. Elder was nonchalant about my safety rules, and she only got a couple shots off. I nailed the pumpkin on my first shot from about forty feet away, but wound up losing two arrows in the grass. We didn’t have a proper backstop. Anyways the kids wanted to play on the playground so we spent almost two hours there. Younger wanted me to stay with her the whole time so she could work on her monkey bars, Elder was off making friends.

We came back, watched a few shows, and I made General Tso’s for dinner. Now everyone is winding down. Myself included. I think I’m going to read Perdito Street Station in bed until I pass out. I need to get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow morning will come early enough.