I finished reading Perdido Street Station for the second time last night. I probably read it for the first time over a decade ago, and picked it up again thinking that I was going to read the other books in China MiĆ©ville’s Bas-Lag — or New Crobuzan — trilogy. I forgot how utterly brutal and bleak this book is. It is dark, filthy, and one of the most fantastic examples of world building I’ve ever read. It was quite a shock to go from Asimov’s Foundation books to this one. I’m not going to do a full review of this one as the GoodReads review I linked above has erased any doubt in my mind that I could do it justice. I will probably start on The Scar tonight, glutton for punishment that I am.

It’s Monday, and the girls are all gone to school and work. It’s coming up on nine and I am looking forward to having uninterrupted focus time today. I’ve got a quick update for SAIAdao to write, then I will probably start working on spl-governance, unless I want to take another look at my arbitrage program and see if I can make any improvements to that.

I’ve got a growing list of things to work on. I haven’t been very productive this last week, and I need to get my butt in gear. I’ve got a checkout with my primary care doctor later this week, and hopefully two weeks until I start my new job, which I still haven’t confirmed.

I’m running out of time this morning and need to get rolling before I waste the day.