Tuesday morning and the creep toward normal life continues. I managed to get some work done yesterday, not much, but the opportunity to focus on a project for two solid, uninterrupted hours was glorious. I made a little progress. Not a lot. The important thing is that progress continues. I wrapped up by the time I picked up Younger at two-thirty, I played with her for a bit, talked to the T’s, our neighbors down the street, whom we hadn’t seen in several weeks since they left the week before Thanksgiving for a funeral. I let Elder play in her room with her friend, but by the time Missus got home the two were already fighting.

Both the girls were acting up, Younger wasn’t following any of my directions to clean up her stuff, and Elder refused to eat my “yucchy” dinner. I told her that if she doesn’t eat her dinner then she’s not allowed to have after school snacks at her Momo’s. That set her off.

We put both the girls to bed a bit early last night because we were late getting up Monday. This morning was much smoother. Younger slept in her bed, by herself, for the first time in a a month, so I gave her a Blow-Pop as a reward. I really need to find a non-sugary reward, but until then this will have to do.

Elder’s school is putting on a Moana play, so she’s excited about rehearsals. When I was her age I had the lead in a school play. I was Santa. I can’t imagine they’re going to choose a blond-headed, blue eyed girl to play Moana, though. I actually think she’d make a good director, but we’ll see how auditions go.

I’ve got some calls to make this morning, several people to catch up with, the most important being my soon-to-be boss over at CompanyX. I still don’t have an offer, and I need to get something formalized so that I can start making arrangements. Younger will need after-school care, and I need to make preparations to pay my student loans come February. Plus the house continues to fall apart – the garage door shrieks like a banshee when we open and close it.

I also want to start buying more bitcoin and other crypto. I have a lot of cash that I’m just sitting on right now, and I need it to get through the next couple months if there’s an emergency. I wanted to BTFD over the weekend, but can’t afford to do anything until I know I’ll have a steady paycheck. Plus I still need to buy Christmas presents. I have no idea what to get Missus, maybe a new iPhone. I didn’t buy gifts for Younger yet, Elder’s getting a Fire tablet and volume two of the Sapiens graphic novels. Then there’s my mom, brother, his wife and daughter, and I told the T’s I’d buy gloves for the kids, since they don’t seem to have them.

Today is the last day of November, and BTC is hovering right around fifty-eight thou. ETH is actually outperforming. The Perp markets are split. My ETH funding is paying out pretty well, meaning interest is mostly short, while the opposite is the case for BTC. It’s mostly positive, but not so much that it is erasing my ETH gains — my BTC position is 2x my ETH one, but isn’t wiping out even half of my funding gains. Position-wise, I’m down about twenty percent from the top.

We’ve got one month till 2022, and we’ll see if the four-year macro cycle will continue. My macro sell target, 3.6x the 200-day EMA, hasn’t moved much since July. It’s currently sitting around $165k. I’m skeptical that we’ll see a blow-off top that’ll hit that price before the end of the year, given that we’ve got ETH and so other many L1/L2s out there sucking up capital. Not to mention the NFT game.

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, super early in the AM. Just a general checkup. I’m in pretty good shape. I’m not working out as much as I need to, but at least I’m not drinking every day like I was a year ago. That’s good news for my health. I’m finding other ways to self-medicate that aren’t as damaging to my health, but that’s all I’ll say for now.

My goal for the next month is to stay on top of things, start this new job and set up a foundation for the next year that will allow me to set savings up on autopilot. It might be a bit too early to set New Year’s resolutions quite yet, or maybe not. We hit some financial goals this year, I think we’ll continue to outperform, so the goal is to have some fun over the next twelve months while shoring up repairs around the house.

The next twelve months should be fantastic.