More anticipation

We are going to plow through Humpday like we’re doing 40 mph over a speedbump… like it was nothing at all. Yesterday was a pretty good day, and the rest of the week is going to be very interesting as we get ready for airdrops and SCORE launch.

I pushed forward with the OpenSea poster transition last night, if for nothing more than getting a few people their assets in time for the snapshot later today. People are just starting to realize how valuable these posters are, and they’ve been flying off the market. I’m going to be personally handling the people who get to me by noon today, and then I’ll let the team deal with it from there.

SCORE is going code-locked today. It’s down to the wire but everyone is very excited.

And the Wave 5 ship drop went off yesterday. SAIAdao scored our C11! I also used what was left of our ATLAS to purchase additional ships, including several PF4s, R8s, and Ambwes. We are ready to go. I also bought an Ambwe for my personal collection.

I’ve got a lot to do: get these OS transfers ready to go, (and transfer my own,) then start working on my farming script. I’m really not looking forward to having to maintain the fleet every day so getting a script up and running will be crucial. As a project, I could get an on-chain program running to do this, but I’m not sure how complicated the logic for that will have to be. Maybe I’ll make a video today to go over things and have it ready for launch.

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