Launch Day

Well today is the day of the Star Atlas SCORE program launch. It’s been amazing being on this team the last two weeks and watching everything come together, between the art designers, the web developers, and the blockchain and infrastructure teams. It’s so refreshing to be a part of a growing, thriving team of smart people after so long toiling at my last job. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

I managed to do my part and help start the process of bridging Rebirth posters on OpenSea over to Solana. I’m not sure what the status is but I can say that I did my best to help squeeze some people in before the airdrop snapshot yesterday. That’s one of my follow up items for today.

Oh yea, and I got my first paycheck yesterday. It was a surprize. I was expecting them to do like most corporate jobs that I’ve been a part of, and hold the first paycheck, but no, I had my direct deposit notification in my email yesterday. And since I wasn’t expecting in until the 31st, it’s a bit like an early Christmas present. To me.

I’m going to have to think a lot about what I do with this newfound income. Even after taxes, it’s still more than double my compensation at my last job. And that’s after I pay off my bills. So I’m probably going to split the remainder into thirds: one into USD @ 9% on BlockFi, another third into my FTX account where it will go to various cryptos, and the remainder will go toward home improvement projects. We’ve got a lot to do around the house.

One thing that I haven’t figured out is my student loans, the first payment for which comes due at the end of January. Like my mortgage, I have no intention of paying it off early, other than maybe some extra principle. The interest rates are just too low to do so when I have high yield investment opportunities available. The only exception I might make for that is by using Alchemix. The interest rate for DAI and ETH are 2.7 and 5.2 percent, respectively, so I could use Alchemix to payoff my loans. I’d have to put 2x the value of the loan in the protocol, but I’d get that all back (assuming no hacks or contract failures) in a couple years — or decades. It’s the equivalent of a mortgage loan. It’s very tempting.

Given my recent losses on CREAM finance though, I should probably build my nest egg back up. No funny business. I’ll save 2/3 of it, build up my nest egg again, do some home improvements and (ahem!) equipment upgrades, and re-evaluate in ninety days.

I need a new budget.

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