Last night

Today is our last day visiting my family, and I am exhausted. As is Missus. I wound up taking the girls to my cousin’s house so they could play with his kids, about the same age as mine. In fact, Younger’s real name is the same as his youngest, so that led to some interesting times. The kids had a ball.

Missus and I did some shopping, hitting up a thrift store, Hallmark, and spending an hour walking around the mall before hitting up a poke restaurant for lunch. We went back to the hotel and read and cleaned up. I finished reading The Scar and went straight into Iron Council. After, I went to pick up all four kids and brought them to swim in the hotel pool. Then my cousin came, we swapped, and he took the kids to my grandmother’s while Missus and I went out for dinner.

We didn’t spend much time at my grandmother’s tonight as it was getting late, the kids were worn out and Elder is coming down with a cold. So we’re all back in the hotel room, it’s almost ten local time, and the kids are in bed.

Tomorrow we’re waking up and packing the car. It’ll be a challenge to get everything loaded up quickly, I’m hoping we’ll be on the road before nine so that I’m not on the road too late. I don’t have high hopes.

One day of driving back to the FIL’s, for another night, then it’s only a few more hours home on Friday for New Years Eve.

It’s been a good trip, although I didn’t see all of my cousins. There’s been some family drama over the years, so I don’t particularly want to see some of them, but I probably could have done a better job planning and letting people know we were coming down. Oh well.

The girls had fun and I’m glad they had a chance to visit their second cousins. Maybe next time we won’t wait four years before we come back. Who knows how many more years my grandmother has left.

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