Snow prep

Oh my what a day. It went pretty well, but I was a bit rushed this morning so here I am writing at eight-thirty at night. Not quite the way I want to end my day. I was productive though.

I wound up taking both the girls into school this morning. That set my schedule back more than it should have. I did my morning meditation, then transplanted my seeds to the plugs that I bought. I was surprised that they were already showing the taproot, but I went ahead and put together my sprouter and light and got them set. I put the setup under my mining rig, behind my desk. I swear I can already see them growing. Once this first batch or two of plants are going, I should be able to get a great start with our vegetable garden, no problem about that at all.

I did some more coding today, working on the most recent Python script. I started putting together some pytest for some good old TDD, which I should have done in the first place. It really forced me to make some design decisions about the program, which I’m honestly ill-prepared to make. I feel like I need to give another read to my design patterns and software architecture books. Imposter syndrome, indeed. We did have some productive conversations at work regarding project managers versus project manager, trying to nail down roles and responsibilities. It’s going to be hard specializing after so many years generalizing, but I’ll run with it today.

I got a text from D. that they’re calling for four to eight inches of snow over the next couple days. I feel so wimpy considering a lot of the Canadian staff are dealing with three feet of snow, so I’ll not complain. Anyways the schools are prepping for not one, but two snow events. They’re closing school two hours early tomorrow, which is actually the milder of the two, but are refraining from making a call about the one on Friday, when we’re expecting most of the snow, and the temperature won’t break twenty-nine degrees the entire day. Yeah right.

Missus had me stock up on beer. I bought so much liquor at the store today they asked me if I wanted a box. Funny thing is I don’t feel like drinking liquor, so I still went to the convenience store to buy beer. I need a budget, indeed.

So I’m done for the day. I want to go play some Tarkov, and still get to bed at a decent hour. I’ll still need to get up at seven to bring Younger into school, so I can’t go crazy yet. Hopefully my new headphones will be here soon, delivery by ten. We’ll see if 7.1 Surround sound improves my game.