Snow bunnies

So the girls had their first skiing session today. It was a bit painful to start with since we went a bit too fast with them, but they got the hang of it and we had a nice evening.

We were going to drive up last night, but it was seventy degrees at home yesterday, and it’s supposed to snow overnight tonight so I figured our chances would be better for a Sunday session. So we drove up this afternoon, had a quick dinner, and headed out for a two hour session. It’s pretty hard trying to lug all the gear around to where the girls could get started. I felt like a sherpa.

I had to fight with Elder because she wanted to use poles and I told her to start without them. We miscalculated and went to the top of one of the green runs and the kids almost lost control — well they did, actually. I had to step in front of Younger at one point to save her and wound up knocking the breath out of her. Elder fell down and was ready to quit after five minutes. Thank goodness my FIL was there to take her off my hands.

We found the actual kids starter slope and half an hour later they were both zooming down it no problem. Well, except for Younger, she kept having problems with her skis releasing on her, but she was a good sport. We got back and everyone was all laid up with sore feet. Me, oh my, tomorrow is going to hurt.

I did a leg day on Thursday, and my Whoop told me that I was recovered on Friday, so I went for a run. The weather was super nice. Since I’m still breaking in my new running shoes I went for a short loop, just under three miles. These shoes though, I don’t know. They are not as comfortable as my worn-down Adidas, and they forced me into a front strike on the balls of my feet, which meant I was really putting my calves to work. I was super sore this morning. The three hours in the car didn’t help either.

To make matters worse, I wore short socks with my ski boots, which means I have some pretty sore areas on the front of my shins. Hopefully it won’t be too bad tomorrow, because I really want to get back out there tomorrow — sans kids for a half day. I managed to get a couple of runs on the green slopes, but only one on the blue, and I want more.

Missus is completely out of shape. She said the girls can ski better than her now. She just hung back the entire time her dad and I were with the girls. I think they had fun though. I know they want to go tubing, but if it comes down between them tubing or me skiing, I’m going skiing.

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