Daylight savings time sucks. I know I’m being really controversial here, but gawd did this morning suck. We did everything we could to get the girls to bed on time, and to get to bed on time myself, but this morning got off to a horrible start.

First off, I woke up at one to find Younger laying next to me. She must have thrown off her covers and gotten cold and come to our bed. I carried her back to hers and tried to put socks on her but she fought me off. I think she said I hate you at some point.

We woke up to the alarm this morning but Missus and I quickly decided that everyone was going in late today. Somehow Younger work up and got dressed and was standing in my bedroom about fifteen minutes later. I asked her to brush her teeth. I hate you. I wasn’t having any of it.

So that’s how the morning went. I got home and made some tea, straightened up the kitchen, which was neglected most of the weekend. I meditated, which I hadn’t done in two days(?) and then laid on the couch for a cat nap that wound up being over an hour.

Then I went for a five mile run. It was almost more than I bargained for, about halfway through I had some serious doubts that I was going to make it without stopping, but I managed to finish hard. Now I’ve eaten and trying to get my mind right for some deep work Solana coding session.

I’m on standby for jury duty, for two weeks starting last Friday. I’ve yet to hear from the court that I need to appear, but everything should be good for work. If anything I gave myself two weeks to relax and get some work done. Time to put my head down.

The second round of repairs on the house are about to start. The garage door almost broke in half last night, and we’ve got birds or some rodent building a nest in our soffit. Still, the weather is beautiful. It’s been getting cold at night but has been burning off by midday. Spring is officially here next week.

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