Life is good

So I’m officially an old man now, I kid. I went to get new glasses a few weeks ago and they sold me bifocals, or as they’re called, progressive lenses. Whatever.

Fall is officially here, with weather in the forty to sixty degree range. The first day of fall the temperature plunged from the mid-eighties down into the forties. I joked that the weather looked at it’s calendar, said “it’s fall y’all”, and cranked down the thermostat.

I’ve started meditating first thing in the morning again. I’m not quite sure why I stopped, although if I’m being honest with myself it’s probably due to cannabis. So for the last month, month and a half I’ve just been getting up and getting straight to work. I’m trying to get back to my practice. So here I am.

I finally tore down my mining rig and disposed of it, I gave it to my friend Ed. The equipment is still good but it wasn’t worth my time to try and sell it off. GPU prices crashed — rather returned to normal — because of the ETH merge to PoS. So the rig is gone, and I finally repurposed my Alienware laptop. It never really ran Ubuntu really well, and I moved the last of my scripts off of it, wiped it, and put Win10 back on it. It’s going to replace Missus’s current desktop.

I ordered a new build gaming PC yesterday. The one I have currently is holding up well, but I’ve got a 3070 in it and the CPU and memory are the bottleneck now, so I built a modest rig (sans GPU) for under $1100. It should be here tomorrow. So I’ll be shuffling them all down the line. My current one will go to the girls, and that one will get donated or something. I don’t even know how old that last one is. I think I’ve had it at least ten years or more.

The family and I are in a really good spot right now, I’m making more money than I know what to do with. I’m buying about three grand of crypto a month, doubled my rent payments into the house fund, am tucking another four grand a month for auto and home, and still paying off the CC bill every month. And then this weekend I found that I had an extra $500 in my paycheck. Apparently I hit some Social Security maximum, so I’ll be getting an extra three grand before the end of the year.

So yea, money has been burning a hole in my pocket. So far I’ve been able to keep myself from doing anything quite so stupid with my cash, like buying a sport car or motorcycle. I have gone kind of crazy with groceries and some small subscriptions for things, but besides windows for the house, I haven’t made any large purchases.

We are going to Costa Rica for Christmas. We had flight vouchers for the Hawaii trip that we needed to use, so we went ahead and booked a trip. We’ll be staying at an all-inclusive, and even that isn’t costing us that much because of travel miles.

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