I am shook. All I can think about is GPT.

Yesterday was a mess. Woke up sick and sleep deprived, but I had sprint meetings. I did my best to lead but by two I was a brain-muddled mess. I think we got some work done, though.

Elder has a choral performance tonight, she’s excited. Of course she doesn’t own a white blouse per the requirements, so there was a bit of bustle this morning.

I got sleep last night, and feel mostly myself today. I meditated, but all I did was think about how I’m going to continue my prompt engineering. I’m thinking I’ll start with some axioms and then start talking to GPT about what I want to do. Provide it with a base layer that will serve for it’s training data.

One thing some people are getting hung up on with GPT is that it has a tendency to make shit up, like adding a pineapple to the statue of David’s description or something. I don’t know if it’s an intentional watermark or something in one of the settings, but this is somewhat beyond the point. It’s great at generating endless possibilities; it’s a content generator, and idea machine.

There’s enough there to give one direction toward the next step, or at least a starting point. It’s like a dopamine hit for me, a never-ending font of newness and possibility. It never ends.

My wife jokes that every six months I have a new hobby that I really get into really obsessively: climbing, sim racing, piano, flight sims, the like. This is something completely different. This tech is important and world changing.

I do keep oscillating somewhat, between the the grandiosity of it and the futility. I’ve been a bit hyperbolic, after recognizing some of the flaws in the system I realize I may have to walk some things back. But I don’t care. I’m building.

And I’ve got the best assistant in the world. We’ve all got it. It’s incredible. Building a context system and middleware system for GPT-controlled game engine… that’s what I’m talking about.

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