The next chapter

I started reading Shantaram yesterday, and the way the author describes his writing habit makes me realize that I am still not a writer. Sure, I’ve been blogging almost daily for over a year now, but most days I still have to force myself to write. Days like yesterday I can just skip it and feel no remorse about it. I’ve been listening to Seth Godin on Knowledge Project about the creative process, and the words he speaks are just so damn clear. The man’s blogged daily and has a streak currently measured in the thousands, and I just don’t have the same level of commitment to writing that he does, or Penn Jillette, who told Tim Ferriss that he’s journaled every day for the last thirty years.

I’m growing more comfortable being honest here. Now that bitcoin has (currently) given me the feeling of financial independence, I’m not so concerned about saying what I think about work, or have any qualms about what anyone future employer might think is professional or not. I’m going to say what I want, and I do feel like I’m starting to find my voice here. I’m not quite ready to erase the veil of pseudonymity that I currently have, and announce on my LinkedIn that I’m Blockchain Man. I still respect my family’s privacy too much for that, and opsec is still a concern. Being your own bank has it’s risks.

I am, however being a bit lax about sharing details with some of my IRL friends and acquaintances. I only know one person who’s actually admitted to reading this blog on a regular basis (hi Britt!) but other than that I think the only people coming through here are those hitting the focused topic articles that I’ve written. This one here is for me, Dear Reader, for present me, so that I can focus my thoughts, and for the many future mes, so I can see this one or more years from now and remember where, and who I was. I went back and looked at last March’s entries, writing about going into lockdown as the pandemic started. It’s like going back in a time machine. Further than that though is a bit of a mixed bag, as they’re all caught up with technical things, or politics. I wasn’t writing in quite the same way I am now.

Things are coming together a bit lately. I made a connection through the SetProtocol Discord, and it turns out this person actually lives less than thirty miles from me. We may have actually been in the same room at some point during a blockchain meetup. They’ve got some ideas around doing their own version of a TokenSet, using paid signals from a popular paid recommendation service for HNW individuals. I ran the numbers to get an idea of how things would run, and I’m tempted to go ahead and pull the trigger on a new Homebrew $RUM fund. This one would be more of a speculative, high risk fund, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it would be managed. What would the minimum viable capital needed to start it? What would the capital allocation process look like?

Someone Twitter has been follow pointed me to another NFT Index TokenSet, $NFTI. I stumbled across them after I had already launched $MUG, but had missed the website that was linked at the bottom of the page. They actually started their fund in early February, with about $80k of liquidity on Uniswap, and have done about $300% since then. Not bad at all. The token inclusion policy seems like it may have been ripped straight from the IndexCoop page for DPI, but it’s well done and professional. Very nice.

Linked at the bottom of that page is a link to CryptoArt, an Estonian cryptoasset management fund. This is very attractive to me, and is giving me much inspiration for Harvest. Implementing this type of business as a DAO is likely going to be the focus of the next several months of my life. They have a $5k/6 month minimum investment lockup, plus a two and thirty percent management/commission structure. It seems a bit high to me, but if TokenSets implemented a commission module it could go toward funding a DAO treasury. Governance tokens could be streamed via those willing to lock up their tokens in a smart contract. It’s given me a lot to think about.

As far as capital goes, I liquidated a good number of equity positions yesterday, pretty much everything that wasn’t crypto-related or was at a loss or the lower end of the performance curve. It’s going to get distributed to my SDIRA as quickly as I can. It’s taking me a lot longer to do than I’d like, but it’s the best I can do. I’ve got to be careful about how I manage those funds and keeping it separate from my traditional IRA, lest I trigger some sort of taxable income event. But I will be making some big moves, very shortly.

But for now, family. I am taking the girls on a bike ride to the park, to enjoy this beautiful, warm winter day.