June 25, 2020

daHIFI is a moniker I started using back in the late 90’s, the domain was originally registered for a site that featured streaming Real Audio clips from local bands that were playing the local dive bar scene. It’s a hackronym for “digital audio, high fidelity”. The name has stuck around even though it probably shouldn’t have, but it’s what I have for now.

I’ve been blogging off and on in various forms for ten years, but really started focusing on making it a daily practice about a year ago. I’ve been using it as a morning pages type journal on some days, and have been experimenting with more long-form, traditional content with an eye toward ‘building a brand’, but most of that focus is probably going to be directed to my normie presences as I figure out what works.

I write pseudonymously for opsec reasons. People get targeted for crypto, but I also want to be able to write freely about my family and life without broadcasting under my real name. I read someone once who said that blogging anonymously is the only way to be truly honest. Maybe that’s true. May once I’m secure enough that I have ‘fuck you’ money, but for now it’s better to have plausible deniability.

To that end, I’ve changed the names of my family: Missus, is my partner of over fifteen years, and Elder and Younger are our two daughters. Original, I know. The company I work for at my day job is named Zombie, LLC, because the firm is walking dead. Boss is, well, my boss.

I’ve worked in tech for the last twenty-odd years, and have been a geek for my entire life. I’ve been working myself away from business end user support and infrastructures roles, toward programming and development tasks for the past few years, and am trying to move into independent consulting and advisory roles. This blog is part of that project, and is a constant work in progress.

Thanks for coming along.

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  1. Hello daHIFI,
    I’ve found your Uniswap limit orders article, as I was looking into just that, after checking out UniTrade.
    What is your opinion on it? I am providing some liquidity on Uniswap as an experiment, and the liquidity managemen feature of UniTrade interests me, but even after connecting my wallet, clicking the Liquidity button does nothing for me.
    BTW I like your blog, well done! Multiple new topics for me.

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