2024-01-08 Reading List

I’ve decided that if I’m going to spend the time to go through my news feed in the morning, I should at least start posting what’s relevant to me (and hopefully, to you as well).

SEC reissues crypto ‘FOMO’ warning amid hope for spot Bitcoin ETFs

Just say no to drugs, kids.

11 Ways To Earn Money on TaskRabbit With ChatGPT

TL;DR: Basically anything that you can do on TR
– Offer Landscaping and Design Services
– Turn Car-washing into Auto Detailing
– Offer Home Design Services
– Provide Eco-friendly Cleaning Services
– Create Customized Grocery Lists and Recipes
– Get Tips and Suggestions for Baby Proofing
– Create Resumes and Help People Find Jobs
– Schedule Appointments
– Manage Social Media for Companies
– Send Marketing Emails
– Use ChatGPT to Market Your Services

This Paper Introduces LARP: An Artificial Intelligence Framework for Role-Playing Language Agents Tailored for Open-World Games

Saving for later, I have plans for stuff like this.

Project: https://miao-ai-lab.github.io/LARP/
Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2312.17653
GH: https://github.com/MiAO-AI-Lab/LARP

Your Personal Brand Is The Key To Building A Successful Career

This is the stuff google feeds me now to keep me pumped up about being a solopreneur.

5 Passive Income Ideas For 2024

Looks like I should take blogging/writing seriously again. I’m not buying property this year, and dividend stocks aren’t going to do it. I don’t really have the desire to start a course, but we’ll see what happens.

Investors hedge bets on Bitcoin with $50K call options before ETF decision

I have been telling people that the ETFs wont’ get their BTC for less than $60k, but given that the supposed approval will go through on Tuesday, I am willing to admit that I could be wrong. Still, part of my hedging plan for this year is to take advantage of calls and put options.
Right now I can make a $19 premium by selling BTC-Mini-12JAN2024-45000-Call option, but I’ll lose out on any rise over the strike price. I’ve done it a couple of times when I thought there was no chance of the price running high, but we’re only 4 days out and there aren’t any higher calls available unless I go further out. The ### BTC-Mini-26JAN2024-75000-Call is only going for about a dollar right now.
Generally speaking, the open interest on Derbit indicates short term consensus sentiment around the 50k mark.

Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model is Back With $532K BTC Price Prediction

Ah, PlanB, he of the eternal bull. There’s no doubt in my mind that BTC will hit this price, but if you had to pin me down I’d say this is a very long-term bet. I can’t say whether I think we’ll see that this cycle. The S2F model is a useful one regarding BTC’s design and long-term sarcity model, but I think that the 30% error in PlanB’s predictions from last cycle are too far off to make any bets. I’m still holding a profit-taking level (3.6x the Mayer Multiple), which is currently around $117k.

3 Altcoins That Could Replicate Solana’s 975% Annual Growth

Borroe Finance ($ROE): Pioneering Hassle-Free Fundraising
WEMIX (WEMIX): A Steady Growth and Diverse Ecosystem
Conflux (CFX):  Blockchain  with Hybrid Consensus and Tree-Graph Technology

AlgosOne AI Trading Solution
Put this in the bucket of things I’m willing to put money in but haven’t. Their front end is slick as hell, and it doesn’t have any schemey vibes at all. Unfortunately I’m unable to complete KYC due to non-US participation, but I’m still gonna shill my reflink:

A Messari Report: Crypto Theses for 2024

I usually read these religiously, but the report was restricted to paying member back in December. Now it’s available for freebie account holders. I’ll be putting this into a vector database for sure and using it to inform my 2024 strategy.

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