The new diagnosis: Nothing is true

Sometimes before I go to sleep I’ll write out some stream of consciousness in a notebook where I keep my song lyrics. Here’s one I did two weeks ago.

Balanced precariously on the point of contention
attrition mangling the bodies fair
Westminster beggars with toothless companions
Decreasing compliance with vacant stares
What is this which you have brung?
Steely defiance electronic vice
Where is the savior they promised us?
Towering infernos, concrete & ice
Metal master lenses enveloping eyes
Black rubber batons buried in bone
Streetlights are fading a new sun will rise
Red rivets running, a man stands alone
Unlearn the program, the conductor is missing
No one and no thing and there is no you
Discover the meaning of their misdirection
The new diagnosis: Nothing is true
Mad medications & chemical cures
A gross demonstration of what was once pure
One sideways push, potential fall
Teetering topless across the walls
gross amputation the gangrenous limb
encoded the signal thus sent unto them
Rapture reset, howling to the wind
Magnetic meltdown catastrophe sent
Stakes tied to the ropes which went
flying with the tent
Interstellar insult, silence of the world
Discord of the Heavens
the signal never heard
Interstate Prometheus laughing while it burns
The horizon line receding
as the world it always turns