Safe.Trade integration with CCXT

Cryptocurrency exchange automation library

I’m still operating a two year old crypto mining rig here at the house. For the couple months I’ve had it mining Arrow, a Zcash clone that has all of the non-private transactions turned off. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of it, and found out this past week that it was released on the Safe.Trade exchange. Me being me, I immediately went looking for the API docs to see what was available.

I have yet to sell any of the accumulated tokens since I turned the rig on, but feel like I have enough of a stockpile that it’s time for me to start selling some of it for Bitcoin. So what I would like to do is write a program that will interface with my Arrow mining wallet, see how much has been deposited in that day, and transfer said amount over to the Exchange. From there, place a market order, and transfer the proceeds to my bitcoin hard wallet.

Usually I would just open up Pycharm and start building an API wrapper for the exchange, but I’ve been using the excellent CCXT cryptoexchange libary, and wanted to try my hand at adding an exchange to that. The library is very well designed, exchanges are added via a single Javascript file that performs authentication and API calls to CCXTs unified specifications. It seems simple enough, but I haven’t done JS development in fifteen years.

I managed to download the CCXT Docker image and run the tests, but figuring out how to do test driven development in Node is going to be a bit more than I had originally bargained for. I’m going to have to spend a few days figuring out how to set things up and get in the flow.

Of course, yesterday was also the first day of school, so it’s going to be interesting figuring out how to fit all this in. I’m also still doing work with the Value Average and GBTC Estimators, so I’ll have to balance doing all that as well. Still, having a commit in the CCXT library would be like a badge of honor, so I’m going to give it a shot.

We will keep you posted.