All time high?

$BTC set new records on many exchanges today, following a huge pump as the weekend drew to a close. This followed a drawdown just before Thanksgiving which made lots of people question whether we’d see new highs before the end of the year. $ETH participated in the pump as well, breaching $600 again.

My IRA holdings saw an absolute massive gain today, over 16%, close to three months salary. It’s amazing.

While CT was going nuts about “ATH”, I’m holding off on the celebrations because it didn’t hit on either Coinbase or Gemini. So my celebratory bottle of Glenfiddich will stay corked for now.

Work continues on the Ether Auction subgraph. I kept running into a bug using Hardhat, verified it using Ganache, and got a tip from someone on the Graph Protocol Discord. The bug was fixed in the most recent version of Hardhat, and I was able to get the subgraph working after I bumped the version in my repo.

I’ve now got the bare minimum I need to start putting together the front end. Step one, auction details, with the pot amount, start and end time. I need to figure out how to show the bids, and have the bid events update the auction entity. I may need to go back and update the contract to add a deposit pot event so that I have something to start with. Right now I’m using the auction_start event, which is triggered on the first bid, but that’s not going to work for the actual deployment. I want the functions to be available from the web front end.

So there’s lots of work to do.