It’s Saturday, work is slow and I’m bored.

I have no idea what the hell has been going on here at the store lately but it’s been dead. No computers to fix and the occasional phone call once an hour or so and I’m losing my mind.
I stumbled upon the pseudodictionary today while searching for words that end in -phile. (ex. oe·no·phile NOUN: 1. One who appreciates and enjoys wine. 2. A collector of wine.) It’s mostly slang and made up words but it’s rather large and has been the running ground of my bored imagination for the past few hours. May it help you kill some time as well.

See also the Word Spy for serious new words, and the Acronym Finder in case you need to know the meaning of ROFLMAOCTD or IMHO or NASA.


I figured I would post a few of my favorite bookmarks to whet your appetite a bit. They are pretty popular sites but as I am writing this page mostly for people who aren’t very familiar with the internet. Sorta like my own ‘how-to’ guide.

Wired This one is a technology news site. I check this one first thing in the morning. You must check out thier magazine also. Incredible. A mix of Popular Science and Time for the digital generation.

Salon Straight news…aww who am I kidding, they lean so far left it’s obvious after spending 2 minutes there. I go here for my daily anti Bush commentary. Seriously though they are not that bad. I actually like this site not just because of it’s critical political features but the other general news that you find lower down the page. Yes, they do have an annoying ad that you have to watch to get to the goods every day, but I think it’s a small price to pay to look at their site.

Nerve Literate smut, you ask? Think porn that’s not so dirty. Intellectual erotica? Definatley not what you would think of when someone says the words internet porn. Think more like Real Sex on HBO. Everything from photos to interviews to news to fiction. Plenty of free stuff, but the pictures require a pass.